My dad handed me his Leica M-3 when I was 15, and I fell in love with photography right then and there. My younger sister was my unassuming model for much of my early imagery.  I also worked in self-portraiture for lack of willing subjects.  I loved the darkroom, the process of developing film, and the magical outcomes that occurred when chemicals soaked the silver halide crystals on light sensitive paper. 

I studied the history of photography and fine art photography at Colorado College, working primarily with 4x5 format, where I received a BA in Fine Art.  Following my formal education I worked as a freelance studio assistant with fine art photographers and gained further experience and knowledge of darkroom printing techniques.  

I worked as a freelance commercial photo assistant in the Chicago fashion industry in the 1980s, a time when the industry was totally dominated by men. The hours were long and the location equipment was heavy, but the experience was exciting and invaluable.

My real passion has always, however, been black and white imagery. Every day I witness beauty in my domestic world and and the effort to capture my vision is a passion I possess. For me, there are potential stories behind each photograph,  and each one is purposely simple, open for personal interpretation.

I see distinct beauty in simplicity, shape and form and am intrigued with the way my surroundings elegantly fall into place without any apparent effort or arrangement:  a pile of leaves blown into a corner of the back porch, a dead bird among the winter vegetables, a coffee cup abandoned on the patio.  The imagery can be as simple as a discarded knitting project or a shadow falling on the wall in the late afternoon. I invite you to look at my photographs and dwell in the quiet of the images.

Today, I love experimenting with traditional alternative processes, and making hand made books to display my work. I am glad to be able to share my photographs with you.

Heidi Cost
Santa Fe, New Mexico